KAMĖ Exclusive

Exclusive bathroom furniture series were born out of a desire to create quality and durable products. Nowadays, bathrooms receive increasing attention, and there’s a reason for that – this is the space in which we start and end our day. In terms of design, materials and practicality, we wanted to create products that would retain their value over time. The design of these series is based on classic shapes, natural and luxurious materials, and calm colours. Kamė Exclusive is designed to emphasize luxury in your home!

The furniture in this series returns to simple and delicate shapes that combine durability and sense of luxury. The design of the Exclusive series emphasizes the importance of natural materials in the interior. These are the furniture you will want to enjoy for decades!

By using natural materials, we kept in mind not only design, but how to maintain the value of furniture for longer. We chose products that are durable and easy to renew.

By working with quality materials and interacting with long-term partners, we are able to create products that meet the highest quality standards.

Choose a private SPA collection for your home – after all, we spend so many wonderful moments in the bathroom!

Kamė Exclusive

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